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New Version Released: R 12.01

Posted by Wouter van den Wollenberg on November 30, 2011 at 10:45 AM

Hey everyone!

I managed to complete another update! It was pretty time consuming to make, especially due to the Trianglopedia so I would consider it a big update! :P

The new things are improved minion AI; minions will now also cast helpful spells outside of combat and will be smarter in their usage of spells overall. There are some changes to the deity system, complete with a deity screen. There are also updates to various information screens in the game including the new game screen.

But the biggest contribution is I think the Trianglopedia (or Encyclopedia Trianglica if you prefer), which is basically an ingame wikipedia database. It standard comes with over a thousand articles detailing every single spell, class, talent, deity, levels, quests, bosses and much more. It also features a spoiler system so if it is set to not show spoilers (default) it would show those articles. Many of the spoilers were not previously released. For convenience it also has a search function and a random page function (both of which respect the spoiler setting).

Also you can add new articles and modify them! These new articles you create can be exported and imported by other players if they want and are not overwritten when you update Triangle Wizard. You can also use this to keep notes!

Oh and there is also two new deities, a new mission and a new shrine :P

Patch R 12.01 Notes:


-Ascended shrines no longer make mages lose spell regeneration.

-Massively improved spellcaster AI; casters will no longer waste healing spells when not needed, buff only unbuffed creatures, no longer cast projectile spells at flying creatures etc...

-Creature will now cast friendly spells outside combat; healing and buffing others. They will not do this if they cannot regenerate spells.

-Characters who can walk through walls can now also walk through doors.

-The Manipulate Device spell will prefer sigils over traps.

-Increased the chances the Manipulate Device works.

-Added an all new deity screen where you can peruse the various deities, see their effects and your relationship with them. Press SHIFT (or ALT) + INS to access.

-Modified the internal deity handling routines; removed permanent curses, fixed several minor bugs.

-You can no longer use items dedicated to deities you have offended instead of only the last one you have offended.

-You can now get redemption quests for any deity you have offended instead of only the last one.

-Fixed a bug where it was still possible to have the same cursed getting stacked.

-Killing another deity's disciple will no longer automatically cause other deities to forgive your transgressions towards them; there is only a chance that this happens.

-Fixed a bug where it was possible to lose some deity powers after getting cursed by another deity.

-Character dump now has a list of offended deities.

-Heresy is no longer mentioned in character information (the new deity screen is for that).

-Revamped the inventory, talent, journal and shopkeepers screen.

-Fixed a bug where the extradimensional shop could cause a crash.

-Sigils should no longer spawn over entrances and exits.

-You can now view an ingame version of your character dump if you die with permadeath active.

-Added the 'A Dance with Death' mid-level quest.

-Added the Celestial Shrine.

-Revamped the new game screen.

-Added something to the bane of Montezuma.

-Added a new deity: Zenithar, The Patron of Work and Commerce.

-Spell info now also lists the maximum number of incantations. This is useful for Dweomer Casters.

-Added an ingame encyclopedia; the Encyclopedia Trianglica. Also known as Trianglopedia as you can edit it!

-Added a new deity, Urza, the Artificer.

-Tournament and Rebellion awards are no longer tied to any deity.

-Fixed a loophole in the wish system which could theoretically allow players to join the enemy creatures.

-Your sins against deities can now be forgiven over time.

-Added something that should stop weird end game crashes.

-Added a near death warning.

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Reply getter77
3:48 PM on November 30, 2011 
Looks like some fantastic work to start off the R 12 series Wouter----landing on my 27th birthday no less! Thanks for yet more improvements taking so much community feedback to heart.
Reply Wouter van den Wollenberg
4:11 PM on November 30, 2011 
getter77 says...
Looks like some fantastic work to start off the R 12 series Wouter----landing on my 27th birthday no less! Thanks for yet more improvements taking so much community feedback to heart.

Happy birthday! :D Didn't know you shared your birthday with Mark Twain's!