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New Version Released: R 7.04

Posted by Wouter van den Wollenberg on December 1, 2009 at 3:16 PM

Yes, a new update finally! It is somewhat bigger than originally planned and it contains several new things, such as the tactics screen, familiars and some added mod functionality. Anyway here's the list of changes:

Patch R 7.04 Notes:

-You can no longer access the Random Dungeon due to a Shrouded shrine or side-passage.

-Added some extra modding functionality.

-Modders can now force a particular artifact to drop at a certain level.

-Modders can now force a particular unique to spawn at a certain level.

-Added some item prefixes.

-Added the Dimensional and Circular shrines.

-Shrine to Brian now also takes several other things into account that were added lately (such as lowering enemy resistance, added spell damage).

-Added some new items.

-Added Call Familiar spell. The familiar can also use powerups and learn new spells along with the player. Thus the player may guide the familiar's development.

-You can now change the behaviour of summons and your familiar. Thus you can tell that pesky Evaporate Wall happy mage to stop casting spells.

-Spell info also shows finding chances now.

-You can now look at the spell list screen for another creature. For allies you can also select which spells they should and shouldn't cast.

-Added the Tidal Supremacy spell.

-Mouse over text now only be displayed when the cursor is above the target.

-In the creature examine screen (F2) you can now also press INS, END or PAGE UP over a creature to see the spellbook, change behaviour or give out items. Since the game is paused on the examine screen this allows for advanced tactics.

-Modified appearance of Fire Breath a little bit.

-Exam screen can now be used as a Tactics screen. You can select all creature under your control and gave them basic commands such as which creature to attack, where to move (for a strategic retreat) and even which spell to cast on which enemy creature (for spellcasters).

-You can also see what their current commands are, and in which direction the enemy troops are moving and which target they are attacking.

-Renamed the area where the Umbral Blot is found.

-The first section of wall created by the Raise Wall spell could never be spiked. This has been fixed.

-Creatures stuck in lava or water will now try to walk out most of the time.

-Valsharess can now cast Tidal Supremacy.

-Slowing or Haste-ing stationary creatures will no longer cause them to move.

-Druid may now start with either Geyser or Tidal Supremacy.

-Wizard has a 40% chance to start with Call Familiar instead of Spellmantle.

-Spellmantle can now be correctly dispelled using dispel magic when persistancy casting is active.

-Creatures being affected by the Fire Halo enchantment are now confident enough to walk over lava.

-Only 20% of all creatures will now speed up after a melee strike instead of 100%.

-A new unique creature and a few new traps.

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