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New Version Released: R 17.01

Posted by Wouter van den Wollenberg on March 23, 2016 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (2)

Hello there my fellow wizarding triangles,


It has been a long time, has it not? Well the time has come again, there is a new Triangle Wizard update! The main new addition is the melee system overhaul and the addition of ranged weapons. I have also updated the GUI a bit and added support for larger resolutions. And of course there are also some new items, creatures, etc. I hope you will all enjoy it!


Patch R 17.01 Notes:


-Added support for the changing of the screen resolution.

-Changed some fonts.

-Removed the inventory limit. You can now carry as many items as you want.

-Gave the spellbook an overhaul.

-Removed standard letter key-bindings for spells. You can now only set one spell per letter. Pressing the letter instacasts the spell, and does not switch your selection.

-Added keylistings to several screens.

-It now costs time to cast spells and some spells acquire a target at the start of spellcasting, whilst others do so at the end.

-Added some new item prefixes and suffixes.

-Lowered Spectre's vulnerability to magic and holy damage.

-Sprinting is now done via the shift key and no longer the right mouse button.

-Removed right mouse botton movement.

-Sprinting is no longer an option that can be toggled in the options menu.

-There are different types of melee attacks now. You can right click to melee as well (for ranged weapons).

-Vertigo now lowers melee damage by 50%.

-Poison now lowers melee damage by 30%.

-Added new items.

-Added new creatures.

-Added new unique creatures.

-Added alternative melee and ranged weapons.

-Some bosses now have alternative melee attacks.

-Fixed a bug involving melee causes of death having incorrect descriptions in the log.

-Added the "Back to the Future" late-game quest.

-Fixed a bug with the Halls of Mirrors special level not appearing.

-Added the Target Practice special level.

-Added the "The Immaculates" mid-game quest.

-Yellow Musk Zombies now have a speed.

-Fixed a bug where a redemption quest would mention the wrong deity.

-Showing healthbars is now the default option.

-Damage no longer has to be integer for spells.

-Added sparkles to powerful items in the shop screen.