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New Version Released: R 16.03

Posted by Wouter van den Wollenberg on September 21, 2013 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (3)

Hello my fellow wizarding triangles,

This weekend is the Annual Roguelike Release Party 2013, so I guess it is time for another update! This time we may thank James Benson who has been sending me a lot of fine feedback last week, some of which has been incorporated in this update. Unfortunately there was no time to add everything, but it is on the to-do list for the next update. Aside from his comments there are a few tiny fixes here and there in this update.

Patch R 16.03 Notes:


-The Lasher now deals corruption damage.

-Fixed a problem with the initial keybindings of the Zombie Lord class.

-Allies will no longer cast empowered spells outside of combat.

-Added an option to disable background battles in the menu.

-Description of the Angel race no longer overlaps with vision info.

-Added an option to show persistant spells affecting the player on the top right of the screen.

-Powerups for spells you already know now glow for easy recognition.

-Status effects are now shown in werewolf form.

-Added an option for allies to automatically join without the need to talk to them.

-You can now gain redemption quests for offended deities even if you currently worship another one. Performing these will remove their curse but will not make you join them.

-Asking your deity to protect you from another deity when you (accidentally) kill one of their disciples is no longer possible. Instead you can force your deity to do so, but this has a chance to upset your deity.

-Weather mage's Weather Tap ability has been increased to 50%.

-Auramancer's Mystic Auras ability has been increased to 50%.

-Chronomancer's Tempus Fugit ability has been increased to 15%.

-New game text for the Auramancer now correctly states that the Auramancer gains the detect alignment ability.

-Ocular Neopythe's Baneful Sight ability has been increased to 12.

-Druid's Nature's Servant ability has been increased to 10.

-Sorcerer's Arcane Will ability increased to 8.

-You can now also use Esc to exit the Credits and the Tomb.

-Stamina is now fully restored when going to the next level and in addition any exhaustion is removed.

-You can now press M in the New Game menu to get a dropdown menu for the choice you need to make on the active tab. (Incidentally you can also press N to go to the next tab and Z to start the game if you are in a hurry).

-Added the Pantheon random level.